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DC Labour provides tier 1 qualified, experienced labourers, tradesmen and supervisors with the most hands-on and reliable set of skills suited for all your project needs.

Welcome to DC Labour Solutions.

DC Labour Solutions was established in 2016. Tom and Aaron have a combined 30 years in the demolition and construction industries.

In our roles as tradesmen, supervisors and managers, we have seen the importance of a good team and have dealt with the many frustrations of Labour Hire.

Our mission is to do it differently with simple core principles: Provide the right staff with the right skills and the right attitude.

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Skilled Workers

We are experts in providing highly skilled labourers that cater to your business needs. Save all those consuming tasks as we will take care of everything for you.


Civil Workers

We have a large database with many skilled operators and workers for civil projects, from civil leading hands to ticketed labourers (e.g asbestos labourers).



Finding it hard to find highly skilled and motivated tradesmen? We have an extensive database of tradesmen whether it’s a short-term or long-term job.



We provide fully packaged handover services. This includes removal of all protection, site clean, rubbish removal, through to the final presentation to client.

Why Choose Us

We’ve seen it all and dealt with all the problems down through the years from both the employee and employer side. We hope by using our experience in identifying the right men and keeping them happy, we will take away one issue from your job site.

Qualified Expert

All our labourers, tradesmen and supervisors are accredited in OHS with induction courses and various qualifications. Our tickets include working at heights, EWP, excavator, asbestos removal, confined space, etc.

Flexible Schedule

Boasting an incredibly talented highly skilled portfolio of at least 50 labourers, we are flexible with our staff schedule. Our operations manager is on call during the day to make sure all staff is on time, equipped and everything run smoothly.

Workmanship Quality

We don’t want to just supply any 'guy'. We take a consultative approach and ascertain the exact people you need for every project. If you have a particular need, we are determined to find the right guy for you.

Affordable Package

We are competitively priced but we don’t chase the bottom dollar. We provide quality labour solutions that will take away one of your biggest problems, which will eventually turn out to be one of the biggest money-saving assets.

Quality Professionals

Our on-site experience has left us with a keen eye for spotting the real talent amongst the crowd. If we find a good guy we are happy to look after him. If our staff are happy and motivated then it’s a win for everyone.

Special Offer

Maintaining good relationships with our beloved clients is one of the biggest priority as a business for us. Keeping you happy is our mission so we have special offers and deals for long-term clients. Just ask. It's a win-win for everyone.

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Happy Clients
Here’s What Our Clients Say about Us

"DC Labour Solutions is a highly professional company. The office staff were very efficient and we were very pleased with the calibre of the tradesmen and labourers that were sent to site. In a short space of time we have built up a strong working relationship and will be happy to continue using their services in the future."

Marcus Conway

Site Engineer for Multiplex, SEB Project UNSW

DC Labour Solutions was with us from day one on this project. They have provided labourers across many different areas, but the common theme was always professionalism. We needed highly skilled and ticketed people for asbestos removal, working at heights, confined space work and EWP’s. I look forward to keeping their guys on site and helping me get this project over the line in a safe and timely manner.
Garry Lake
Site Supervisor for Multiplex, Roundhouse Project UNSW
DC Labour Solutions is one of our major providers for employees. As a company whose numbers fluctuate, we need to work with companies who can give us that flexibility within our work force. DC Labour Solutions were able to provide us with a large number of high quality workers at short notice and this removes one of the headaches we face on a daily basis. We look forward to building our relationship in more upcoming projects.
Brendan Costa
General Manager, Interactive Projects
For me as a sole trader it can be hard to source the right people at short notice. DC Labour Solutions was able to find me the right tradesmen who were willing to do rural work and commute on a weekly basis. Working with them has given me the confidence to price bigger jobs as I know they will be able to get me the resources I need when I need them. Highly recommend DC Labour Solutions for looking after your labour needs.
Wayne Smith
Director, Smiths Specialised Building Services
NSW Fair Trading

Compensation & Public Liability Insurance

Master Builders Association

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Accreditation

WorkCover NSW Accredited Supervisors

Licenses & Accreditations

All our labourers, tradesmen and supervisors are accredited in OHS with minimum an induction course. Our other tickets include working at heights, EWP, excavator, asbestos removal, confined space etc. Our demolition supervisors and asbestos removal supervisors are WorkCover NSW accredited. We also have qualified tradesmen including form-workers and welders.

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